Quality Policy

"JUST STAY HOTELS is a private company, controlled by a Venture Capital Fund, which includes Public and Private investors in its participants, which reinforces its socio-economic dimension and the need to assert itself as a socially responsible organization, linked to the general interest and sustainable growth principles.

JUST STAY HOTELS assumes as its Quality Policy a set of strategic guidelines whose objective is the fulfillment of all the legal requirements, regulations and other applicable impositions, namely to the hotel activity, assumed to be relevant for the organization. The company's mission is to provide quality services to CLIENTS, transforming them into differentiating and innovative experiences, provided by attentive and passionate teams, creating economic and social value.

The Board of Directors of JUST STAY HOTELS is committed to adopting a socially responsible and ethical management model, considering the economic, social and environmental aspects.

JUST STAY HOTELS makes a commitment to improvement, aiming at satisfying CLIENTS and respecting the environment.

Within the scope of the Quality Policy, JUST STAY HOTELS is committed to:

- Identify the needs and expectations of your internal and external CLIENTS to ensure their satisfaction;

- Prevent the occurrence of hazards that affect food security and maintain product traceability;

- Ensure safe and genuine products properly labeled and presented, increasing confidence in your safety;

- Carry out self-control actions to detect possible non-conformities in a timely manner, allowing corrective actions and risk reduction to be carried out;

- Take the necessary measures to protect the environment by promoting the prevention of pollution, the rational use of natural resources and the taking of measures to control emissions;

- Select suppliers and service providers and monitor their performance;

- Promote the development of its Employees, providing adequate training, training, awareness and monitoring;

- Efficiently carry out management, support and service activities to continuously increase competitiveness."