Through betting on   differentiation and continuous dedication, the STAY HOTELS   are prepared to maximize your well-being and comfort with a breakfast full of fresh food , 24-hour snacks, 24/7 service, free Wi-Fi throughout, spacious and comfortable rooms, personalized service and a great location .

North of Portugal

A real treasure located in the historic center of Porto. With 79 rooms, the Grande Hotel Paris by Stay Hotels combines the elegance of the Belle Époque style with the culture of the undefeated city, in an atmosphere full of history and personality.


Center of Portugal

A modern hotel, featuring everything you need, in the most charismatic and cosmopolitan area in the center of Lisbon. Welcome to STAY HOTEL LISBOA CENTRO CHIADO where you will enjoy a memorable stay, only within a few minutes walking distance from the capital’s main attractions.

south of portugal