This commitment, which accompanies us from the beginning, has led us to certify our Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, in July 2016, through Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. These standards are based on the rules of the International Standards Organization (ISO) - the world's leading standard for defining appropriate standards and procedures across a wide range of professional fields.

By following scrupulously the ISO 9001 standard, JUST STAY HOTELS guarantees the application of a set of quality practices that bring enormous benefits in the services provided to its CLIENTS. For example, in addition to improving the overall performance of the entire organization, these practices ensure that the products and services meet all of the legal requirements associated with CUSTOMER satisfaction, while ensuring that performance is continuously assessed in order to make improvements relevant.

Compliance with ISO 14001, on the other hand, reflects JUST STAY HOTELS 'commitment to environmental sustainability. This is a certification aimed at implementing a set of good practices associated with sound environmental management, for example with regard to energy savings, resource management, waste separation, the use of biodegradable materials or participation in national and regional environmental preservation campaigns.

The JUST STAY HOTELS Integrated Management System aims at continuous improvement and follows a methodology called PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act, or Plan, Run, Check and Act), which basically divides the whole process into four stages - definition of objectives, implementation of processes, monitoring of all steps and proactive action for continuous improvement of all established procedures.

About ISO standards

ISOs are international standards created by the International Standards Organization (Geneva, Switzerland, 1947) for application in all technical fields, in order to standardize procedures, rules and business processes at a global level, in order to guarantee the best practices in each sector. For companies, they are essential tools to increase internal productivity, improve security and ensure equal procedures within the same industry, ensuring CUSTOMERS and consumers with products and services with the utmost confidence and quality.

About Lloyd's Register LRQA

Integrated into Lloyd's Register Group Limited and present in more than 120 countries, Lloyd's Register LRQA is the leading provider of business process assessment and certification services and is recognized by more than 50 certification bodies worldwide.