To meet the needs of our business customers, STAY HOTELS has developed a program of offers, applicable exclusively to reservations through the STAY HOTELS website or mobile app. STAY CORPORATE has two levels of associated benefits, which can be selected according to the needs of each business customer: GREAT CORPORATE, offers 10% discount; and JUST CORPORATE, which offers a 5% discount on the reservation and the possibility of payment on credit (30 days).

To access the campaign, simply request the promotional code via email or at the reception of each hotel; enter it on the website at the time of booking; and request the invoice with the company number.


It has never been so easy to book your business stay at a special price


5 clicks... and that's it!

1. Visit or download our mobile app

2. Open the 'Book Online' tab

3. Enter the promotional code we have for you

4. Enter your company details

5. Enjoy, immediately, all the advantages STAY CORPORATE


Simple. Fast. No bureaucracies.

And applicable to all our hotels, from north to south of the country!

Talk to us... and the code is yours!