Quality and Environment Policy

"A JUST STAY HOTELS  is a private company controlled by a Venture Capital Fund that includes its participants, Public and Private investors, which reinforces its socio-economic dimension and the need to assert itself as a socially responsible organization, linked to the general interest and principles sustainable growth.

THE  JUST STAY HOTELS has as mission the provision of quality services to CLIENTS, transforming them into differentiating and innovative experiences, provided by attentive and passionate teams, creating economic and social value.

The Board of Directors of JUST STAY HOTELS undertakes to adopt a socially responsible and ethical management model, taking economic, social and environmental aspects into account at all times.

THE JUST STAY HOTELS assumes a strong commitment of Improvement, aiming at the satisfaction of the CLIENTS and the respect of the Environment.

Within the scope of the Quality and Environment Management System, JUST STAY HOTELS undertakes to: